When the Lockhart Clan arrived 1973 there was much to be done to improve the lake's quality. There already existed a good fishing lake, but they knew it could be made GREAT! At that time, a big bass was 8 pounds, but a few years earlier Florida Bass had been planted, and Bass Anglers from everywhere were catching 1000's of fish. Each year the Bass got bigger --first 10 pounders, then 15, and finally in 1986 an accomplished angler named Tim Kamura, of Sacramento, landed 17.1 lb. Huge Bass That record stands to this day as our record bass.

In those days, Lake Amador was best known for it's quantity and quality of warm water fish including Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, Crappie and an occasional Trout. Bluegills are still plentiful, ranging as large as two pounds! That's a big panfish!. In the early 80's, Crappie were planted on the lake and have thrived! Our main forage fish is Threadfin Shad and these provide bountiful food supply for the Crappie now being caught topping the scale at 4 pounds. Over the years our Catfish have grown bigger to the point that certain anglers frequent Lake Amador in search of the largest catfish of their lives. Trophy Catfish up to 40 pounds and stringers up to 100 pounds are common every year.

Last but not least, we realized early on that Trout thrived in Lake Amador! So many people flocked to our lake in search of quality Trout fishing we needed more fish than the Dept. of Fish and Game could ever plant. At first we bought from private hatcheries, but the quality and the price did not allow us to plant the numbers our anglers yearned for. Dozens of books on aquaculture, extensive construction, and the belief that we could raise better fish led us into the fish business. We imported expensive Trout eggs all the way from Sweden at the cost of 5 cents each just to get a better fish. We built 50,000 gallon octagon shaped cement tanks. Utilized water treatment technology and liquid oxygen injection, all in order to raise a hard fighting, better eating and full finned Trout. For over fifteen years this process has evolved to the point that today, Lake Amador has the best Trout fishing anywhere!